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Dear Sirs,
We would like to pay your attention to the necessity of compliance with the currency legislation of the Russian Federation by the residents of Russia.*
*in accordance with sub-clause 6, part 1 of the article 1 of the Federal law No. 173-ФЗ “On Currency Regulation and Currency Control” issued on 10.12.2003, the residents shall mean:
(a) natural persons who are citizens of the Russian Federation, except for citizens of the Russian Federation, recognized as permanently residing in a foreign state for at least one year, including those having the residence permit issued by the competent authority of the relevant foreign state, or temporarily staying in a foreign country for at least one year on the basis of a work visa or study visa with validity at least one year, or on the basis of the totality of such visas with common period of not less than one year;
(b) foreign citizens and persons without citizenship permanently residing in the Russian Federation on the basis of the residence permit, stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
(c) legal entities established in compliance with the law of the Russian Federation;
(d) branches, representative offices and other sub-divisions of the residents, indicated in sub-clause (c) of the present clause, which are situated outside the territory of the Russian Federation;
(e) diplomatic representative offices, consular institutions of the Russian Federation and other official representations of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation, and also permanent missions of the Russian Federation at the interstate or intergovernmental organizations;
(f) the Russian Federation, the subjects of the Russian Federation, the municipal formations, which participate in the relations regulated by the present Federal Law, other federal laws other normative legal acts adopted in compliance with it.