Margarita S.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Margarita was born in Orekhovo-Zuyevo, the suburb of Moscow. Her parents got divorced and as a result her father moved to another city and her mother was left alone with 3-year-old Rita. Due to the burden of various life problems the mother began to drink, got deprived of her parental rights and the girl was left with her grandmother. When the grandmother died, Margarita was sent to an orphanage-school in Serpukhov. At the age of 12 the girl’s mother passed away.

In the boarding school Margarita once decided to find his father, the only familiar person. She wanted to get in touch with him, to find support. In 2015 the volunteers helped to find the girl’s dad and he gladly responded to the initiative to come to his daughter. They began corresponding via e-mail. The father has already visited Rita several times. Now they regularly talk on the phone and try to communicate as often as possible.

Now Margarita is trained as a pastry chef and lives in a student dormitory in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Rita already has a secondary special education, she is trained as a seamstress. The girl loves to cook and invent recipes, she dreams of becoming a chef. In her spare time she goes to the gym, reads, walks and tries to spend less time in social media ("not to waste time" she says). She is very sociable and has a lot of friends. She loves spending time with them.

No one knows why this really smart girl in childhood was diagnosed with "mental retardation". She even went to an ordinary comprehensive school. Our Organization helped to dismiss this diagnosis.

The procedure was quite bulky and unpleasant: in addition to a large number of documents and analyses, she had to spend two weeks in a psychiatric hospital under medical supervision. But the result was worth it! The diagnosis was an obstacle for the girl, it obscures various life and career opportunities. Now Margarita wants to acquire a degree in law. She has successfully passed the exam for a driver's license, the girl is free, happy and open to the future life.