Makar F.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Makar was born healthy. However, his first days of life were inexplicably marked with neurological symptoms. When he was one year old doctors diagnosed him with cerebral palsy. Fortunately, the boy doesn`t have other problems with his health which usually accompany this kind of disease. He talks well, he has a preserved intelligence.

Since the moment his parents knew about the diagnosis they started Makar`s rehabilitation. They tried Vojta and Bobath Therapy, massage, remedial gymnastic, aqua-rehabilitation. They also travelled to China for needle therapy, point massage, they took peels, made staged plastering, pricked botox to relax the legs muscles, wore various orthopedic devices. Makar also went through fiberotomy surgery.

Besides medical rehabilitation Makar started course with a psychologist. In the age of 3,5 the boy made his first steps. Makar has achieved it with all his diligence and strong will. He was so much keen to walk and run that he worked intensively following all the doctors prescriptions. He is still trying to be the first one, to do his best and he often succeeds.

Now Makar is 7 years old. He walks alone although often falls and get tired quickly. As he grows up or get sick the muscle tone is increasing and Makar is forced to fight with it all the time.

He has a dream. He swims brilliantly and wants to become a Paralympic champion in swimming. He also likes chemistry, physics and the universe. He says that if he fails to become a champion, he will become a scientist-inventor.

In September Makar went to the first grade. He was preparing to this day and went to school as any other ordinary kids. He studies well, it is quite easy so far. He likes the school and gets on with teachers very well. He went to school on his own feet, but several years ago it was hard to believe it. Makar needs frequent courses of rehabilitation so that he could walk and live a common life and make his dreams come true.