Sasha S.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Sasha is a friendly sweet 8-year-old girl. She has cerebral palsy. Twice a year she needs to undergo a serious rehabilitation in order to begin to walk without help, learn to speak and go to the first grade as all the children of her age. It is quite possible, because she shows very good dynamics. Up to 3 years baby couldn't even roll over on her stomach. The rehabilitation helped.  

Parents could not believe their eyes: after the second course the girl was able to stand on all fours, in a year Sasha began to take the first steps, she improved fine motor skills.  

She can’t speak yet, but it's because of hearing problems, which can also be addressed. "We will fight for our speech," says her mother with hope. Now the girl goes to a special preschool group. Educators say that Sasha is the most diligent girl: independent, eats alone, sits at the table, moves without help. Indeed, Sasha is not one of those who whine and want uppy. She is actively exploring the world around her, the adults barely have time to follow her. Sasha is a true explorer. And the girl has a gift – she easily determines good people, even among strangers and runs to them. She believes that there are more good people in our world than bad ones, and she is sure they will always help.