Daniel H.

Our stories

Why do we do our work? Look at the faces of these kids, you'll understand. We want to share with you some stories of our little heroes.

Dan was a long-awaited baby. The child was born prematurely and due to negligence of doctors he was injured. As a result the boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Dan was treated in many rehabilitation centers of Russia and Ukraine.

At the age of 2.5 years he learned to sit and crawl, which is usual for a six month baby.   

But the boy is still unable to achieve better results (to stand and walk without support) due to strong spasticity (tone) of the muscles of the legs. Dan is feeling severe pain, he suffers from the formation of contractures (curvature of the joints). Classical methods of rehabilitation are insufficient to cure such spasticity so the boy needs urgent treatment.

Dan is a cheerful and curious boy. He enjoys listening to music and playing chess. He is interested in everything from insects to the mechanism of a car. This is a child who wants to communicate with normal children, but his severe condition prevents him from living a full life. Dan is starting to understand his isolation from the world and society and it makes him ashamed of himself. He requires several rehabilitation courses annually. The average cost of rehabilitation for a patient with cerebral palsy amounts to 75 500 rubles. Annually the child requires 3-4 courses, depending on the condition.

The prediction of doctors says that the boy has a chance to recover. And very importantly, he has strong desire to recover, to be the same as all children, to walk, run, jump and play football.